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COVID 19 Virus Update-1/14/21

January 14, 2021


Dear Residents and Families:

We wanted to provide you the latest on COVID in our Community.

We have some great news.  We currently have only one resident still on isolation protocols due to a previous positive test result. The last two quarantining employees are scheduled to return to work in a few days.

We now have the date of our initial vaccine clinic for our residents and staff.  It will take place on January 21, 2021 between 9am to 2pm.  The second dose will be administered on February 18th.  We will have subsequent clinics schedule for future new residents and staff and residents and staff who may not be able to receive their initial does on January 21. We were scheduled with both CVS and Walgreens and Walgreens came to us with dates earlier. Both were providing the Moderna Vaccine.

Vaccines are voluntary, and we need to collect signed consent forms from all residents or residents’ power of attorneys/guardians.  We will be asking your assistance to complete these forms and return them to us by January 19th. I will attach the consent forms with instructions to the email with this letter. If you are the POA for a resident, please complete and return. For residents who are their own person, we will be assisting you with these consents.

Please remember that protection from the virus can take up to two weeks after the second injection and that mitigation strategies such as social distancing, masks, hand hygiene will continue to be in place. These vaccines have been rolling out in some of our affiliate communities with great success. We are excited that this is finally rolling out to our residents and staff.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please me.



Carolyn Lynch
Executive Director



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