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COVID 19 Virus Update-12/18/20

December 18, 2020

Residents, Families and Partners:

I wanted to notify you of a change in leadership at Grand Court Senior Living and introduce myself as the new Executive Director of Grand Court.  My name is Carolyn Lynch.  I am a seasoned leader in the field of Senior Living.  I have been the Executive Director of Rose Court Senior Living in Phoenix, and I brought that building through a COVID outbreak during the previous surge in Arizona positive cases.

I am being made aware of any current resident and family concerns, and I have access to the previous Executive Director’s voicemails and emails and will ensure they are being addressed as soon as possible.  The major focus is on the infection control processes here at Grand Court. I am also concentrating on staffing and more regular communication with residents and families about the current COVID outbreak.

Since the last communication, we have had several more staff members and residents that have tested positive for the virus.  While the healthcare providers and families of any positive were notified, I understand that a general update may not have occurred as consistently as I plan to do going forward.

All positive staff members are quarantining at home until a return-to-work date is determined following local health department and CDC guidance. Our other staff members are screened at the beginning of each shift and receive rapid testing twice a week.  As an added infection control measure beyond staff’s use of personal protective equipment (PPE), more frequent cleanings of high touch surfaces and other measures outlined in local health department and CDC guidance are being done.

All but one of our positive residents continue to remain at Grand Court in insolation and receiving cares or check-ins using heightened infection control procedures. Residents who test positive in our Assisted Living will have some adjustments to services due to infection control. Housekeeping will be suspended until resident is off isolation. Laundry will be done only if absolutely necessary. Both of these measures are to limit the amount of exposure to staff who could then potentially carry throughout the building.

Our staff have been and continue monitoring all assisted living residents for signs and symptoms of the virus and check-in on our independent living residents daily.  We do have the ability to do rapid testing on-site if needed with results in 15 minutes.  Any noted changes in a resident’s condition or any positive rapid test findings will be communicated to the resident’s family and, for assisted living residents, their primary healthcare provider, and next steps for care will be discussed.

We continue to encourage residents (and urge families to encourage residents) to take all precautions to prevent or mitigate the spread of the virus by:

  • Remain in your rooms as much as possible. Absolutely wear masks when outside of their rooms;
  • Engaging in good hand hygiene;
  • Report any changes in their health immediately, and
  • Practicing social distancing when outside of their rooms.

As we are in the midst of the holiday season, know that visitation will continue under the current restrictions given the current level of outbreak both in our Community and the surrounding county namely:


  • Visits must be scheduled and the number of visitors per resident/per day may be limited;
  • The length of visits may be limited;
  • Visits will be restricted to a particular location;
  • Masks must be worn at all times during visits by both the resident (unless there is a health exception) and the visitor; and
  • Visitors must:
    • Upon arriving to the community for the visit, sign a document attesting to compliance with certain requirements:
      • Visitor has had a negative COVID test finding (Antigen or PCR) received no more than 48 hours PRIOR to the planned visit;
      • Visitor has had no signs or symptoms of the virus since the test was taken until the time of the visit; AND
      • Visitor must have isolated from the time the COVID test was taken until the time of the visit.

When you call to schedule a visit, we can provide you details on any current restrictions so you can be prepared.

We will be assisting residents and families to connect virtually as well. Details to follow.  If you bring by any packages or food items, please wear a mask when dropping the item off with the staff.  Let them know if any of the items are perishable to ensure they are immediately delivered so they can be refrigerated.

Please continue to reach out with questions, concerns, or requests for assistance.  However, please be patient as I get up to speed with my residents’ current needs, family member concerns and address any immediate issues related to our current COVID outbreak.

You can reach me at: or 480-844-7336

Please realize our Wellness Director Wellness, Cynthia Vaughters is not in the office as she is on the floor assessing, testing and helping.

I will be providing you all with updates, at a minimum weekly, until the health department has deemed us “outbreak” free.

Thank you for your support as I move into this role and guide Grand Court through this current surge in cases within our Community, state and country.




Carolyn Lynch
Executive Director


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