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COVID 19 Virus Update-2/17/21

February 17, 2021


Dear Residents and Families:


Grand Court continues to remain COVID free. Thank you to all who have continued to follow the rules and guidelines to help keep each of our residents and staff safe. Although the restrictions are a sacrifice for all, it has help Grand Court quickly stop the outbreak.


Tomorrow is our second COVID Vaccine Clinic with Walgreens. Our last one went very smoothly so the process will be the same. We will have our employees go first so that they can get back to work and assist residents. We will then proceed from third floor, second floor and then first. Please wait in your rooms for staff to come and tell you it is time. Please continue to follow social distancing (remain 6 feet apart) while you are in line. You must also wear your mask. We must limit the number of people in our lobby, hallways and dining room. If you have an outside, prescheduled appointment, please speak to Wellness so that we can work around your appointment. The paperwork will need to be filled out again. Many of you have already done so or will be approached to fill out the screening and permission again today.


As a reminder to everyone, the site of injection may be sore. This is a typical side effect. You may also have some symptoms. We are tracking symptoms so please report any that you may have. We will have one last clinic scheduled in March for future new residents, staff and anyone who may have only been able to receive their initial dose today.



I know everyone is anxious to get back to normal, even if it will be a new normal with continued mask wearing and infection control. Please remember that protection from the virus can take up to two weeks (March 4th) after the second injection and that mitigation strategies such as social distancing, masks, hand hygiene will continue to be in place. We still need residents to limit the amount of time they are out of their rooms. COVID is still a threat to our community.


Please remember we have designated smoking areas. Residents are not allowed to smoke in their rooms or on their patios. This is a huge safety issue. Smoking must be done 20 feet away from the building and nowhere near windows or doors.


After March 4th, we will follow guidelines that the state, CMS and CDC give us on how we can start easing up on the restrictions. Please remember not all of our residents will receive the vaccine and as a community, we need to do our part to keep everyone safe. I will let everyone know of the new guidelines and restrictions as they become known to us. Maricopa County remains in the Substantial phase, which means visitation is suspended and communal areas are closed such as dining, pool, and large group activities. In the future, we will have to limit seating in the dining area or limits to group activities. Visitation may have continued restrictions. Monitoring of symptoms will continue. Masking will continue anytime you are out of your room.


Starting after March 4th, we will have small town halls which will be organized by sections of the buildings. Town Halls are where the Directors present all the things we are working on in the community. It allows us to introduce new staff and clarify any issues. Town Hall is not a time to voice grievances. We would much rather try and solve any problems as they arise.


I know there has been a lot of changes in the past two months and I appreciate your patience as we steer Grand Court in the right direction. I know there are a lot of new faces as we have brought on so many additional staff. Please help me in welcoming some of the new Director’s:


Paul Garcia, Maintenance Director.

Rachel Thrasher, Community Liaison

Bridgette Tucker, Business Office Manager

Monique Sieck, Dietary Director


I continue to spend the majority of my time at Grand Court but if at any time I am not available, please do not hesitate to speak with Melissa Quattlebaum, Operations Manager. We are in constant communication. Melissa is at Grand Court full time. As always, for quickest response send me an email at .


I look forward to meeting more residents tomorrow at the vaccine clinic and will soon look forward to meeting and welcoming families back to Grand Court.



Sincerely, Carolyn Lynch

Executive Director


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